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Thoughts and Prayers campaign

In November 2019 as I made my way home from the Majors Creek music festival, the nightmare Australian bushfire season was slowly creeping into the news. Fires had started early in New South Wales and Queensland, beginning in September, although at that point we were still not quite officially in summer. But people were starting to take notice as the smoke was blowing into Sydney, marring the usually spectacular views of the harbour and prompting public health warnings.

That weekend, the weather was bad, the fires escalated, and the Prime Minister went to watch the cricket. Later that week I finished writing this song.

It was almost Christmas by the time I started recording it. By then a fire was burning between Canberra and Majors Creek, and the smoke was creeping in under the front door of my apartment. But the worst was still yet to come.

This is a song about June, who lost her house in a fire, and only rebuilt her life with the help of her community. There are a lot of Junes in Australia at the moment, and summer is a long way from over. This song is for them, as a reminder to the rest of us that it is within our power to help – but it takes more than just thoughts and prayers.

The song is now available on all the major streaming platforms, and I would love you to save it to your libraries and your playlists, and share it to help get the message out there! You can find it on your preferred platform here. But if you really want to help me to do some good with it you can download a copy to keep via bandcamp below. I’ll be donating all the profits from those sales to the Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery fund. You can name your price, so be generous, and let’s help out as many Junes as we can!