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Go in Heart First

With a voice once described as ‘too big for the pub’ and a heart proudly worn on her sleeve, Lisa is a uniquely engaging performer. A child of the singer-songwriter tradition, she is a storyteller who takes inspiration from all aspects of life, from romance and personal growth through to video games.

A generation xennial who escaped the rat race to chase a dream, she is also a proud DIY musician. In 2019 she released her self-produced debut EP ‘Colours’, followed by a Christmas single, ‘Come Home’.

Lisa is originally from Melbourne but now calls Canberra home. Her relationship with music started in her childhood, and from an early age she would record herself singing and eagerly listen back (in those days on an old cassette recorder). She picked up the guitar before hitting her teenage years, when she also started writing her own songs.

Despite that auspicious start, she found herself diverted from music for nearly a decade by a combination of factors – the competing demands of adulthood and a fear of failure chief amongst them. In the end, though, she could not deny her calling, and a quarter-life crisis later she has now found her way back. Her first EP was largely inspired by that journey. An endearing mixture including some heartfelt acoustic performances and a little experimental electro-folk, with a vibrant, folk-pop anthem as its title track, Colours is a collection of songs exploring the importance, as well as the difficulty, of being yourself.

Her music is available on all major streaming platforms as well as on CD or for download here.